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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Experts agree that cancer hormonal contraceptive who begin menstruating late or start menopause early are at an increased breast cancer risk because they produce more estrogen cancer hormonal contraceptive their life compared to other women.

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A recent study published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal Cancer Research suggests that women who take birth control pills containing high doses of estrogen, ethynodiol diacetate, and norethindrone significantly increase their risk of developing breast cancer. Elisabeth F.

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Beaber and her colleagues recruited 1, women diagnosed with breast cancer and 21, healthy women from the Group Health Cooperative in the Seattle-Puget Sound area.

Breast cancer patients were diagnosed between and Electronic pharmacy records were also used to gather information on different oral contraceptives, including the name of each drug, dosage, and duration.

Does hormonal birth control cause breast cancer?

Women taking oral contraceptives that contained high doses of estrogen increased their breast cancer risk 2. Birth control pills containing ethynodiol diacetate increased breast cancer risk 2.

In addition, prior studies suggest that the increased risk associated with recent oral contraceptive use declines after stopping oral contraceptives.

cancer hormonal contraceptive

Recent decreases in the number of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer have been attributed to lower rates of women turning to hormone therapy after menopause. Cancer Research.

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