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Cold Protection at work: What will keep you warm during the winter months? Published: Winter workwear and shoes represent a wide range of clothes and accessories that will keep you warm. Make sure you are well equipped for harsh working conditions.

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You can choose from a wide range of products. Winter workwear and shoes are made of the highest quality materials suitable for long-term wear.

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Winter workwear jackets The basis of winter workwear is the upper part of the garment. The banda noastră periculoasă largă jacket, coat or overalls should not only warm-up you - protect from the cold, they should also not restrict cancerul este tratabil and be made of sufficiently breathable material.

You can choose from a variety of kosice veterinar that meet the demanding requirements of almost every profession: Drumone jacket is a multifunctional warm men's winter 4in1 jacket.

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The jacket consists of the upper part with reflective strip and side pockets. Under the removable upper you will find an inner quilted jacket with detachable sleeves.

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If the air temperature rises significantly in the afternoon, you will get a quilted vest that will not get hot. Ouston jacket is men's quilted jacket with collar with practical breast pocket.

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Pleasant feelings during wearing and protection against the unfavourable conditions bring, banda noastră periculoasă largă other things, drawstring at the waist and elastic rubber at the ends of the sleeves.

Montrose Hi-Vis Jacket represents warm winter hi-vis jacket with reflective stripes. Besides friendly material, insulation from the winter is guaranteed by elastic piping on the perimeter of the sleeve, hood and banda noastră periculoasă largă of the jacket.

You can choose from yellow and orange reflective colours. Dayboro Winter Jacket is Men's winter parka coat with removable hood and extended back that protects the lumbar area of the back even when you must bend to work.

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This men's work jacket is also equipped with a drawstring in the hood and bottom of the coat. The mentioned winter work jackets, which form the basis for use in cold weather, can be complemented by many work pants.

Gloves Hands or palms are the parts of the body that are most vulnerable to colds. In cold weather, it is just under-heated peripherals hands, head, feet that often cause the most significant leaks of heat.

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Besides, with the fingers bent, any manipulation of the working tools is very unpleasant, if not dangerous. It's crucial to protect these parts of the body in case the temperature drops below the reasonable limit.

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The choice of warm working gloves is vast, all of which can be mentioned in the following three models: Nightjar represents knitted seamless acrylic gloves that are dipped in natural latex. Rough palm allows comfortable handling of slippery objects. Palawan Winter is warm working gloves whose are made of synthetic yarn.

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Microporous and vapour-permeable foam latex in the palm and fingers again allows for the smart handling of working tools. Elastic knitting in the wrist area protects against heat leakage. Turtur represents another of a series of warm gloves, which are also waterproof due to PVC coating in the palm and fingers.

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Terry insulation with a flexible cuff brings a comforting feeling. Winter work shoes To ensure complete protection against winter is necessary to supplement the work outfit with winter work shoes.

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Winter work shoes should ideally warm-up, be breathable enough and comfortable. The attractive design is then just a pleasant added value.

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Among the many winter work shoe models, we can recommend the following: BK Ankle shoes represent winter work shoes S3 with non-metallic toe cap and aramid insole.

The upper made of high-quality nubuck leather and inner insulation ensure a feeling of comfort even on cold winter days. Cerbiatto is winter work shoes that provide complete thermal insulation, even in freezing weather, thanks to the lining of wool fibres. FIBREgrip in rubber tread compound maximizes abrasion in contact with icy surfaces and delivers excellent slip resistance.

Composite toe and puncture-resistant insole minimize the risk of the most common foot injuries. Orsetto represents an ankle model in a classic design, which perfectly combines practicality, comfort style and low-temperature resistance.

Winter work boots Orsetto is equipped with an acid-resistant non-slip sole and an inner wool lining for total thermal insulation of the foot. Shoes can also be worn in icy environments. Steel toecap and insole prevent the risk of injury, while contrast stitching and reflective elements increase the visibility of the user.

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Final word Do not underestimate the freezing weather. Even during the autumn chilly mornings or evenings, you can cool off unpleasantly.

Winter workwear jackets

Subsequently, your life will be annoying by cold in the worst case you lie down with a fever. However, you will be able to protect yourself effectively with our workwear and footwear.

In addition to the above products, you will also appreciate the practical accessories of your work outfit, such as winter hats or warm, functional socks.